Phoenix Gold Bangkok Thailand, Beverage Manufacturer

Our Beverage Analysis, Testing, & Food-Safety Process

Beverage Analysis Testing

Beverage analysis is an important step within the food industry, as well as a major aspect of product development and quality checking/assurance. Product Analysis is a must for numerous reasons: from testing suitability for consumption, through checking the content’s authenticity, to complying with legal standards. Using the correct form of analysis, the right analytical tools will yield significant answers to important questions.

Besides the accustomed procedures (e.g. chemical and microbiological analysis), Phoenix Gold possesses additional insight in the examination of the physical properties of beverages, the identification of contaminants, while verifying the contents of food and its label are correct. This step-by-step process helps evaluate product taste and tailor the product to consumer taste as well. We encourage our customers to be involved in this exciting process of developing and evaluating their beverage.

Upholding HACCP Standards

At Phoenix Gold, the production of high quality beverages would not be possible without proper HACCP protocol. HACCP allows you, the food producer, to manage and control the technical portions of one’s business effectively. As we hold HACCP certification, Phoenix Gold will gladly help our clients in all phases of quality management. Working together guarantees that your systems fulfill legal conditions, we are here to aid you in the following:

  • Hazard Awareness training.
  • Production System Design and Specification.
  • QA management and development strategies.
  • Auditing support and Pre-audit procedures.