Phoenix Gold Bangkok Thailand, Beverage Manufacturer

Our Beverage Branding Philosophy

More than just label design:

In the food industry, the packaging is just as important as the production process. At Phoenix Gold, we view the branding as an integrated whole with consideration for safety and product quality. The product’s integrity, its physiochemical characteristics that does what it does, must be free of imperfections. The branding will then speak from the core of the product. We also consult our customers on suitable packaging, whether the package needs to be chilled, frozen, etc.

Private Labels exist in most beverage categories throughout the world. Initially, Private Labels start out as store or house brands of bigger retailers, such as “Aro” Makro’s (In Thailand) store brand, but, with changing beverage trends numerous retailers are creating more beverages to capture a niche within the beverage industry. Private label tea drinks, private label coffee, private label energy drinks and private label juices are considered prime categories for private label beverages.

Private Label Beverages:

When walking past the beverage section of a mini-mart or supermarket, consumers have numerous choices. From Big company brands making Lemon Tea and Brown-Sugary-Sweet Cola to smaller drink companies, we all want customers to buy our drinks. A Private-Label beverage is a brand owned and usually distributed by a smaller retailer who wants to break into the beverage industry. Alongside the beverage manufacturing company, the retailer and manufacturer create a drink that will capture a niche market.

Typically, private-label brands are seen as “me-too”, cheaper-quality copies of the Big company products. With the success of many private label beverages over the years, these unique drinks now offer consumers better quality and strive for customer satisfaction.