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View The World's Most Expensive Coffee

View The World's Most Expensive Coffee

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A Message from our Founder

I don’t know much about coffee or tea for that matter. I have only been roasting coffee for a little less than 30 years. I’ve been learning about tea for 20 years. My first memory about coffee was as a child, when I went to the fresh market with my mother. I would stay at the coffee house and drink coffee mixed with cocoa. Amazed at the hustle and bustle of a coffee house and how the café owner knew everybody, I knew coffee was something special. It brings people together.

I have travelled around the world, worked at various coffee farms, and learned how beans are developed based on the country’s soil, weather, etc. Settling my company here in Thailand, I came here in search of Ingredients for Excellence and have found just that. Northern Thailand produces some of the best coffee and tea I have tasted just like they do in Kenya. Other fruits and vegetables in Thailand are also delicious and excellent quality. It’s with this foundation that I create a company that will continue to share great taste with you, the customer.