Phoenix Gold Bangkok Thailand, Beverage Manufacturer

Phoenix Gold Product Development Services

Let's Produce Your Beverage

At Phoenix Gold, we know developing new products takes time. This process not only requires knowledge of ingredients, packaging of finished goods, and legislation; but also, involves consumer demands and spending preferences. Phoenix Gold will bring this knowledge together and help make your product-development experience less complicated.

Using our product-testing kitchen, we will help you make the right decisions so your ideas move forward from the conceptual phase towards actual products. We have experience across the full spectrum of beverage types- from fruit and vegetable products, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages (including organically grown wines and beer), to condiments and fruit jellies. We have the capabilities to assist you in any beverage-related venture.

Good Ingredients = Great Drinks

Here at Phoenix Gold, we believe that only excellent ingredients will make excellent products. Progressively, fresh-raw materials grow with different grades in mind based on their specific final application. Numerous fruit and vegetables fail into two classifications: the first being fresh produce, and the second marked suitable for canning and freezing.

The sources of production are also important, conventionally grown compared to organically-produced creates quite a debate in recent years. The need for transparency and traceability of the source of your raw materials is now required. Phoenix Gold prides itself on keeping up to date with many of these food industry issues since our company’s conception. We are the people to contact if you have questions pertaining to raw material production and sourcing and possess the capability to oversee post-harvest supply-chain management and distribution.