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Phoenix Gold Quality Management & Certifications

Quality Manufacturing

Producing Quality Products requires three things: HACCP, quality management, and auditing. These three topics typically frustrate food companies. At Phoenix Gold, we want to alleviate your concerns and headaches. To simplify things, these standards want to know the product and a description of your process, afterwards they go forward in making sure the systems work properly.

Effective-good quality systems are the foundation of all food manufacturing quality. We will work with you in developing and implementing quality systems to satisfy the criteria requested by the consumer and enforcement authorities. Along with HACCP services within the food manufactures and agricultural industry, we also offer consultation services in quality optimization and laboratory-risk management.

Our Certifications:

With our certifications in food manufacturing and safety, you can rest assured we will manufacture your products with the best quality and safety.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) ensures that we maintain the highest standard of manufacturing along with sourcing quality raw materials. If product deviations do arise, Phoenix Gold is able to determine the problem and correct it. With the necessary controls in place for solving any problem that arises, your product will produced up to the high international standards.

With a fundamental food manufacturing system in place, Phoenix Gold uses HACCP to determine possible manufacturing/control points that might cause us problems in our beverage manufacturing process. Once we know where our critical points lie, we setup corrective measures to fix such problems and continue measuring the quality of our food-manufacturing system.