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Phoenix Gold Research and Development Services

Creating Great Flavors

Chemical compounds create the flavors in food - and one must understand what significant chemicals exist in your products and how they will affect the nature of your product, its response to processing and its shelf life - the chemistry of food often has a significant impact on food quality and spoilage.

With in-depth knowledge and understanding of food chemistry, Phoenix Gold’s Research and Development team will help you with whatever predicaments you face, from showcasing that the food is really what is on the label, through understanding nutrient content and the portions that alter the taste in positive/negative ways - onto analyzing natural contaminants and possible allergens. Companies with in-house laboratories and testing facilities, our food scientists can offer suggestions on various testing methods and procedures, such as laboratory design.

Food Chemistry & Shelf Life Determination

Understanding the components and chemical nature of food is essential towards recognizing food’s shelf life and reaction to processing; the chemistry of food significantly determines food quality and spoilage. With our vast library of knowledge and experience in food chemistry, Phoenix Gold is here to help with any problems you are facing, from finding the components that taint your food product, to determining nutrition content and elements that make food taste good (or bad).

The chemical contaminants that make food bad can range from natural toxins/allergens to pesticides and packaging migrants. Our in-house chemical testing facility offers advice and method to make your product have a clean, good taste.