Phoenix Gold Bangkok Thailand, Beverage Manufacturer

Introducing Our Instant Powder Drinks

Instant Fruit Drink Powder

Pack Size: 500g Bag

We carefully select the right balance of fruits from around Thailand to give you the true taste of ecstasy. As well as tropical flavors, our company also produces straightforward juices, such as Orange Juice, that require nothing but fresh, high-quality ingredients. Instant Fruit Drink Mixers are ideal when you are on the go, but need to serve a vast number of people. Just add water, stir and the juice is ready.

Instant Thai Milk Tea (3-in-1)

Pack Size: 1kg bag

Our Thai tea comes from the finest Northern Thai tea leaves mixed with fragrant Sri Lankan tea dust. This blend of tea is carefully roasted and brewed with the right balance of cream and sugar. The final product is a special Thai tea with creamy texture, fragrant smell, and smooth taste.