Phoenix Gold Bangkok Thailand, Beverage Manufacturer

Our Story

Starting From Our Love of Coffee

At Phoenix Gold, we started the company with a commitment to excellent coffee. We could not stop there. Our creativity and determination jumpstarted an interest in the manufacturing aspect of the beverage industry, soon Phoenix Gold transitioned into other sectors within beverages and expanded marketing our various brands. Using coffee as the foundation, we were determined to master manufacturing and production elements within the beverage industry.

Great Taste For Everybody

Much of the beverage manufacturing world only looks at beverages in terms of bottles per minute and margins; yet, our focus has always been, how can we develop original great tasting drinks to the general public? Phoenix Gold’s expertise is Research and Development consulting, we want to use our know-how to help develop new products that our customers can proudly sell to the end user.

More than just a beverage

Our goal is simple: when people to taste the end product, and for them to say there isn’t anything else like this drink. In order to do that, we will work with you looking at the details behind your drink, eventually everyone will understand the philosophy of the beverage that we are creating.